Different Options for Hair Growth Treatment That Commonly Used By Men and Women

09/17/2012 10:16

Hair definitely plays an important role in one’s self-confidence. When someone experiences severe hair loss, the condition goes beyond the physical deficiency. It also leaves an emotional stigma to the person. Although there is no definite cure to hair loss, there are top 10 hair growth products that can effectively slow down hair loss and stimulate hair growth. Surgical treatment involves different hair replacement procedures. Hair transplantation is a procedure that is done by transferring hair follicles from one part of the body to another. This procedure is usually performed on those with severe cases of baldness. Non-surgical hair growth treatment can also be taken. There are lotions that can be applied topically onto the scalp to stimulate hair growth. There are also oral medications that you can take to help slow down the process of hair loss. It is important that you consult a health expert for these medications. Some of these need prescriptions for you to be able to buy them. Taking certain vitamins and minerals can also serve as effective hair growth treatment. Adopting a diet that is rich in vitamin B6, B8, B12 and folic acid can dramatically give you that healthy head of hair that you always long for. Be sure to include egg yolks, beans, kidneys, and peas to your diet. You can also take vitamin supplements along with taking this kind of diet. Of all, the most popular hair growth treatment is still the natural approach. A lot of people would rather take the safe way of curing hair problems because sometimes, hair products that claim to solve hair problems do more harm than good. Hair products tend to contain a lot of chemicals that can dry hair out and worsen the situation whereas natural ingredients are organic, so you can be sure that they safe to use. It might surprise you to know that there are a lot of products in your pantry that you can use to grow hair faster. Olive oil has long been used not only for hair but skin problems as well. Olive oil slows down the production of DHT hormones, which is the root cause of baldness among men. Applying olive oil onto the scalp two times a week can do wonders to your crowning glory. Its antibacterial and antifungal properties can also solve problems like flaking and dryness. If you find that you are on the verge of a serious case of hair loss, stop getting salon treatments and using a lot of hair products. Salon procedures like blow drying, ironing and dyeing cause severe dryness to that hair. When hair is extremely dry, it is more susceptible to breakage. Hair products, on the other hand, contain chemicals that can potentially clog hair roots and stunt natural hair growth. One or two hair products are enough for your sensitive hair. Aloe vera has great medicinal properties that stimulate hair growth. This treatment has been one that’s been used for centuries among different cultures. Aloe vera is also a popular treatment for burns, but not a lot of people realize that the gel of the plant can also serve as a great moisturizing agent for the hair. It also has antibacterial properties that can help unclog infected hair roots. Take the gel of the plant and apply it directly onto the scalp. Do this about three or four times a month and you will see the wonders it can do for your tresses. Along with this, you can also use other alternative hair growth treatment like lemon, apple cider vinegar or virgin coconut oil. All of these ingredients only take a few minutes to apply because they only require the usual topical application. Just remember that these are merely supplemental procedures and no amount of cure can take effect if you disregard important factors like adopting a healthy diet, drinking lots of water and getting enough sleep.