Foods for Healthy Hair Growth For Balding Hair

09/18/2012 16:43

Those people who love their hair so much are most of the time obsessing about applying various products on it. But what they forget is that it takes more than these products; to be able to achieve a healthy hair, they should also make sure that they also have a healthy lifestyle as a whole. To be more specific, it would be a really good idea for people to watch what they eat to not only make their hair healthier, but to also improve their overall health as well. Because of this, this article will discuss some of the foods that will be able to result to healthy hair growth.

The first on the list of foods that can bring healthy hair growth is salmon. Only a few people are aware that this food is really irreplaceable when it comes to giving the most amounts of essential nutrients. Some of these minerals that salmon is able to give people are omega 3, as well as iron and vitamin B-12. With all of these minerals, it would not be hard to understand why this is essential if a person wants to grow healthy hair. Aside from salmon, green vegetables should also be included in the list that people should prioritize in eating. The reason for this is because these vegetables contain two important very important vitamins – vitamins C and A. These two vitamins are the needed minerals to be able to produce sebum. For those people who are not familiar with what sebum is, it is the substance that hair follicles produce, and this substance prevents the hair from turning dry.

Another food that can ensure a person of a healthy hair growth is nuts because it contains a special kind of mineral which is selenium; this is a really important part of keeping the scalp healthy. One type of nut that contains a huge amount of selenium is Brazil nuts so it is one of the things that people should focus on eating. Another type of extreme hair growth products that can be very beneficial for people as well is Walnuts because they have omega 3 acid; and this is very good when it comes to conditioning the hair.

In addition to nuts, people are also recommended to eat foods that are high in protein such as poultry products like turkey, chicken and even duck. One reason for this is because these meats have a high content of protein. Without a doubt, protein definitely makes the hair of people healthier because this is one of the most essential nutrients that the hair needs to become strong and healthy. In relation to poultry and protein, people could also eat eggs because this is one of the richest sources of protein; and the significance of protein has already been established a while ago.

With this list of the different foods that can really help in making a person have a healthy hair growth, people should be more aware that for them to be able to achieve this, they should not just apply different products on their hair. Rather, they must consider changing their entire lifestyle and aim for a healthier self.