Hair Growth? Why Many People Call It BS!

09/18/2012 16:41

Hair is something that falls. I am fine with that. What I don’t get are some people who keep on trying their darned best to keep their mane intact. They go through these crazy methods, apply goo on their hair, and even spend thousands of dollars to prevent the inevitable – hair loss. While I certainly would also love to have healthy hair on top of my head, I just cannot bring myself to subscribe to some methods I feel are simply ridiculous and both time and money wasters. As for me, I would rather subscribe with proven scientific methods that really and no crap or magic potion that would give me healthy hair. Let’s just say I am a careful follower of hair growth tips not on hair growth faster products.

What I believe in is that when it comes to having healthy hair, the body should have a constant supply of a number of vitamins and nutrients that would allow it to remain vital and healthy. So, while it is fine to subscribe to those methods like hair transplants that would assure more hair but an empty wallet, I would rather look into hair growth tips that have been proven to work and are logical without burning a hole in your pocket.

Aside from the proper nutrients, the two other things that affect hair growth are two things: the flow of blood to the scalp that promotes hair growth and for men, stopping testosterone from turning into DHT that prevents hair re-growth. All other methods that are not connected to these three things are just a bunch of BS.

This is why I always use brushes that are made of natural fibers. Brushes that have metallic or plastic bristles do more damage than good to one’s hair. But I never brush or even comb my hair when it is still wet. This will just cause hair breakage and will lead to further hair loss. I also have a routine of stimulating blood circulation in my scalp. I do it every morning with my fingertips, without using my nails. From the forehead, I gently massage the scalp all the ways to my nape. Gentle but firm pressure is used, with circular motions. By that time, the oils have been produced out of my hair follicles and I leave it for 30 minutes before I hit the shower.

As for a natural hair tonic, I do not subscribe to those things I see on the Internet included in hair growth tips but are commercially manufactured. I would rather concoct my own tonic that would guarantee me hair growth but would not be filled with synthetic ingredients and would not bust my budget. I came across this recipe for a hair growth tonic that was presented without BS and fanfare, but ended up really effective. Castor oil and white iodine are the only ingredients needed, mixed together and a mixture with a lotion consistency is formed. I apply the lotion on my scalp and massage it for close to 10 minutes before rinsing it with my shampoo. With the anti-fungicidal and anti-bacterial properties of castor oil and white iodine (because of its high manganese content), plus castor oil’s omega-9 fatty acids my hair is strong, does not fall, no BS included.