How to Increase Facial Hair Growth Using Conventional Way

09/17/2012 10:09

Most men like to keep a clean and shaved look. Others love to sport a lot of facial hair because for them, it looks more masculine. If you are endowed with a genetic makeup that lets your body grow a lot of hair in no time, then this wouldn’t be a problem. But if not, then you need to take an active part to find ways on how to increase facial hair growth. A lot of guys believe that constant shaving speeds up hair growth. The root of the facial hair goes deeper than what the blades of the shave can reach. So, this is definitely not true. Moreover, the facial hair growth is greatly dependent on genetics and age. Of course, your genetic makeup is something you cannot manipulate, which in effect also means you cannot actually do anything to trick your hair into growing faster. But you do have options that you can take to stimulate facial hair growth. One very basic and effective way on how to increase facial hair growth is by eating healthy. You need to take a well-balanced diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables if you want to grow hair faster. This diet must include foods that are packed with iron, zinc, silica, and vitamin C. Make it a habit to include a lot of beans, lettuce, fish, avocado and banana to your meals. You will find that keeping up this routine will definitely help you grow that macho beard you’ve been wanting for so long. Make it a point to take foods that are packed with biotin. Biotin, also called vitamin B7, is good for facial hair growth because it stimulates the production of keratin and can dramatically speed up hair growth. To make sure you have ample supply of this vitamin your system, include lots of egg yolks and roasted peanuts to your diet. Never use hair products on facial hair. They contain chemicals that may be too strong for your stubble. Instead, what you can do is to simply wash your face with mild soap and moisturize daily. Keeping this habit will rid the face of dust particles that constantly clog hair roots. Hair tends to grow at a very slow rate when roots are clogged. Sleep also plays an important role in the process of hair growth. When it’s a question of how to increase facial hair growth, getting enough slumber is definitely non-negotiable. Sleep gives time for the body to pause and do necessary repairs. Insufficient sleep can slow down hair growth and deteriorate the quality of your hair. Get at least eight hours of sleep in a day if you want your facial hair to grow faster. Massage parts of your face with essential oils. Massage has been proven to stimulate hair growth because of the main reason that applying pressure improves circulation in the hair follicles. Essential oils like Firaus and Rogaine oil are good for growing facial hair because they help restructure damaged hair. Just be sure not to rub the oil roughly on your face. Do it gently so as not to obstruct the natural growth of facial hair. If none of these procedures still work for you, then it would be best to consult a physician. Inform him/her that you are having problems with growing facial hair. You will be subjected to a testosterone test and if the results show that your hormone levels are low, most likely you will be given testosterone treatment. This is better than using over the counter hair growth products without prescription by the doctor. A lot of men are finding ways on how to increase facial hair growth. For them, having an abundant growth of hair on the face enhances their features. There is nothing wrong with wanting this kind of look, just be sure to have lots of patience because the process of hair growth is a gradual one. There is no one-night solution that can instantly give you a beard the next day.