Jumpstart On How to Stimulate Hair Growth

09/18/2012 16:36

Women want to grow their hair longer, fuller, and faster. They want products to help hair growth. Men want to prevent hair loss and regain their hair. The bottom line is -both sexes want to stimulate growth of healthy hair. You can jumpstart it by knowing how to stimulate hair growth. Stimulating Hair Growth in Women The scalp is the key to stimulate hair growth in women. The simplest way to prepare the scalp for hair growth is to massage it regularly. Massaging the scalp enables the blood to carry the nutrients to the follicles-the part of the skin that produces hair. Along with regular massage, it is also important that the body, including the skin/scalp, benefit from vitamins and minerals to nourish the hair. Wash your scalp with shampoo that fits your hair type. To remove shampoo residues, dead cells, and flakes (dandruff), use clarifying shampoo once in a week. This will keep the good health condition of the scalp and prevent the particles to clog your hair follicles pushing new hair growth easily. Conditioning the hair with vitamins will shield the hair from breakage and speed up the process of hair growth. One way to massage the scalp naturally is to brush the hair. Brushing the hair distributes the scalp’s natural oil evenly bringing out the natural shine of your hair and prompting it to grow healthily. Use brush with natural bristles to avoid damage to the hair. To stimulate hair growth from the inside, supply your body with essential vitamins and minerals. One of the more important vitamins on how to stimulate hair growth is Vitamin B complex because of its biotin content. Biotin is the vitamin of the hair as it takes good care of the overall health of the hair. Sufficient amount of biotin can reverse hair problems in women such as dry or coarse hair, brittle hair, split ends, hair thinning and even hair loss. Stimulating Hair Growth in Men Men are more prone to health problems than women do. Some of these problems are receding hairline, hair thinning, and premature hair loss. The hair problems may be due to a number of factors like genetic and hormones as well as illnesses, stress, and vitamin deficiency. The good news is that men can correct their hair problems and stimulate hair growth naturally by correcting their vitamin deficiency. Here are the vitamins needed by men to help resolve their hair problems: Vitamin B complex is necessary to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. One important element of Vitamin B complex is biotin. This Vitamin B element encourages the production of carboxylase enzymes responsible growing the hair naturally. It also strengthens hair strands. Vitamin A keeps the moisture of the hair. Deficiency in Vitamin A results to dry and brittle hair that makes the strands susceptible to hair breakage. Diet rich in Vitamin A in the right amount can help prevent hair loss in men. Vitamin C releases antioxidants that protect the scalp and the hair from free radicals. It contributes heavily in the production of collagen that stimulates hair growth while protecting the strands from split-ends, hair breakage, and hair loss. Another important factor how to stimulate hair growth is the right choice of hair products. If you are to use hair products readily available in the market, read the label carefully. Choose products that are as natural as possible and those that contain essential vitamins such as biotin.