Natural Hair Growth Product - Grow Hair Fast the Natural Way in Less than a Week

09/17/2012 10:22

Dealing with hair loss is not easy. It takes an emotional toll. Then there is the question of what to do about it. You can use a natural hair growth product to reverse this problem. This is an option that many people do not really think about. In fact, it is quite possible to get your strands to grow back faster if you go the natural route. Starting Point You may be wondering where to look for a natural hair growth product. Start in your home. You probably have ingredients that you use to prepare for your food that can help you grow strong and healthy strands. Olive oil is a perfect example of the best hair growth products for women. You can unclog your follicles by putting some olive oil onto your fingertips and give your scalp a good massage. This is a simple routine that can cause rapid growth. Clogged follicles cut off the supply of blood to your roots. This robs your strands of vital nutrients. Prevent this from happening to you by giving yourself daily massages. Eat Healthy Vitamin deficiencies and poor nutrition can cause excessive shedding of the strands. Vitamin B and zinc deficiencies are linked to hair loss. Vitamin B strengthens the strands and causes them to grow. Biotin is a form of vitamin B and works really well in keeping the strands strong and healthy. Eat a lot of broccoli, spinach and cabbage. These vegetables are loaded with iron, which essential for healthy strands. Add potatoes to your diet to get vitamin B. Natural Hair Growth Product Options You can get your strands to grow back using herbs such as saw palmetto, rosemary, nettle root, and pumpkin seed. These remedies are particularly effective in treating male pattern baldness in men and women. These herbs lower the body's levels of a hormone known as dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT attacks the follicles, causing the strands to fall out.