Prenatal Vitamins for Hair Growth for new Mommies

09/18/2012 16:38

Are you aware that hair tends to grow longer during pregnancy? After pregnancy, however, hair goes back to the cycle of normal growth. Most pregnant women, if not all, take prenatal vitamins to make sure that they and their baby remain in good health. If hair can get longer while you are pregnant, and vitamins are necessary for growth, would not it make sense to take products that stimulate hair growth?

What Vitamins Can Do for Mommy-To-Be

Vitamins play an important role in your health as a mommy-to-be. They contain nutrients that your body needs to stay healthy, an environment beneficial to the life you carry in your womb. Vitamins can also enhance the growth and development of the baby inside your body. If your body benefits from the vitamins, so does your hair growth.

While there is yet to be conclusive studies to prove the effectiveness of prenatal vitamins to help grow the hair longer outside of pregnancy, one thing is certain- these vitamins contribute to hair growth of mommies-to-be. The interaction between hormonal changes and vitamin nutrients during pregnancy is responsible for making the hair of pregnant women grow faster – with thicker and longer hair strands.

Hormonal Changes and Prenatal Vitamins

Here is what happens so you can understand how hair grows faster during pregnancy. Hormonal changes occur when you are pregnant. Your estrogen level increases and this hormonal increase lock the hair at its growth phase. Prenatal vitamins for hair growth enhances this growth to ensure that as you hair grows longer, it stays healthy- you get thicker and fuller hair strands that are not easy to break.

Vitamin A keeps locks the moisture to prevent dryness of the scalp and hair. When the hair is dry, it becomes brittle and prone to breakage. Vitamin B improves the functions of your digestive system to process carbohydrates, fats, and proteins from food. It also supplies the hair with biotin that promotes healthy hair growth. Your hair grows longer, stronger, and faster.

Calcium strengthens the strands just as it would strengthen the bones. It also optimizes the production of Keratin- the protein needed for healthy hair. Zinc stimulates hair growth by reversing scalp problems responsible for hair thinning, and iron is necessary for optimum growth of the hair and in the prevention of hair loss.

These vitamins usually taken by pregnant women are beneficial for hair growth. They optimize hair growth especially when hormonal changes in pregnancy lock the hair in its growing phase. While there is yet to be a conclusive study that seals the role of prenatal vitamins in hair growth, you are doing your body a favour taking these vitamins that takes good care of the health of the mother and the child.

Many of those who have taken prenatal vitamins have attested to how these vitamins can help in enhancing their hair growth. Despite lack of scientific conclusions, actual use has proven the role of prenatal vitamins to hair growth. There is nothing wrong to take these vitamins especially when you are taking them primarily to keep you healthy for the baby in your womb.

Now, if you happen to experience the improvement in your hair by taking prenatal vitamins for hair growth, then that is definitely something you should be thankful. This can only mean that most are right in saying prenatal vitamins deliver hair growth results.