Silly Things to Regrow Hair When You Are Not Able To

09/18/2012 16:40

Believe it or not, lots of people today are of the belief that prenatal vitamins can help stimulate hair growth. This thought may be attributed to the fact that pregnant women sport shiny and fast growing hair. A solution? How about prenatal vitamins for hair growth?

Unfortunately, prenatal vitamins for hair growth are 100% false. There’s no connection at all to the vitamins supplied during pregnancy and the fast development of the hair. In fact, the reason for hair growth during pregnancy is the pregnancy itself. During child bearing, a woman’s body naturally produces hormones that help with the hair growth.

Of course, prenatal vitamins for hair growth aren’t the only “myths” circulating the internet today. For those interested, following are other items that may or may not help with hair growth.

Regular Trims

At first, this might sound totally false. After all, how would cutting the hair help with making it grow? However, what most people don’t realize is that regular trim help prevent further damage from split ends. Split ends usually travel upwards, eventually destroying the hair follicle and causing breakage. With a regular trim however, the split ends can be effectively removed, ensuring that any damage is stopped immediately.


So how does exercise relate with miracle hair growth products? There are specific yoga movements that stimulate blood flow to the head. This helps rejuvenate the skin and muscles above the head, therefore making it a healthier breeding ground for hair growth. Basically, yoga is like a much more tiring form of scalp massage which is also known to boost hair growth.

Yeast Infection Cream

Some brands of yeast infection cream are believed to help with hair growth. According to users, the product contains materials like rogaine which is well known for its ability in rejuvenating the hair. This isn’t a proven method though so those who would like to try it out should do so cautiously. The only advantage of using a yeast infection cream is that it is less expensive than the hair growth products known today.

Use Less Shampoo

This is another hair regrowth technique that other people shun because it seems counterproductive. After all, shampoos are specially made to nourish the hair, right? Actually, shampoos are made to clean the hair. Like detergents, they strip the hair of any dirt that might cling on the strands and scalp. This introduction of cleaning chemicals can damage the hair, making it harder for them to grow.

Comb Often

Combing the hair often helps to massage the scalp and distribute the oil all over the strands. This aids with hair growth and makes them more durable against breakage. Note though that combing should not be done while the hair is wet.

Silly as they might sound, some of these hair tips actually make sense and should be followed by people who want their crowning glory to be healthier. Take note however that there are also 100 percent proven methods today that help hair growth. Hence, it’s suggested that those who really want to see changes on their head should try out the proven methods first. More often than not, these “tried-and-tested” methods work even before a person tries the “unorthodox” options. Stop settling on prenatal vitamins for hair growth and start utilizing the methods that actually show results!