Simple Ways You Can Do to Promote Hair Growth In Less Than A Week

09/18/2012 16:44

A person’s hair plays a significant part on his or her overall appearance. Women and men alike take pride in having hair that looks good. People go to saloons to have their hair styled, treated or cut to boost their self-esteem. In some instances, having a long and thick hair is associated with having a youthful appearance. That is why a lot of people spend money on hair care products, hair coloring treatments, hair growth and many others just to achieve the hair that they desire. Hair loss and hair thinning are the two popular problems when it comes to hair. The common question of people with these hair problems is “what promotes hair growth”?

There are some people who have embraced hair loss or baldness and claim that it is a natural part of aging. However, there are those who take measures just so they can have their hair grow again. This is especially true for those who are not yet that old but feel that hair loss makes them appear more mature. Wearing a wig or a toupee is one of the options available for those who are experiencing problems of hair loss, but of course having real growing hair is better than faux hair. In the search for a solution, a lot of people wonder, “What are the top ten hair growth products?”

There are tons of hair growing products in the market nowadays. The prices vary and most often they are expensive. On the other hand, there are a lot of natural and inexpensive remedies that you can do in order to speed up and promote hair growth. Studies show that deficiency in certain vitamins and nutrients lead to hair loss. Hence, what promotes hair growth is having a healthy diet. It is important for you to eat nutritious food like fresh fruits and leafy greens on a daily basis. Likewise, food rich in protein like eggs, yogurt, and liver should comprise a large portion of your diet because protein is needed for the growth of hair cells. Keeping your body hydrated by drinking enough water daily also helps.

What promotes hair growth also involves a change of lifestyle. Avoiding caffeine, carbonated drinks, smoking, and fatty food will also promote hair growth. Adequate exercise will help prevent stress which is one cause of hair loss. Stress creates constriction of the blood vessels, when this happens there will be inadequate blood flow and blood supply in the scalp. Hence, the nutrients which are carried by the blood will not reach the scalp, making it difficult for hair to grow. Enough sleep also decreases stress levels which then promotes hair growth.

Another remedy to the query, what promotes hair growth, is through proper care and treatment of the scalp. Properly stimulating your scalp by massaging it promotes blood circulation, enabling the nutrients to be transported to the scalp for hair growth. A healthy scalp promotes hair growth so you have to keep it free from dandruff and stress. Also avoid hair damage and breakage. When the hair is damaged it is difficult to make it grow as it will often break. That is why over coloring your hair and over brushing which leads to hair damage should be avoided to promote hair growth. Lastly, what promotes hair growth is your attitude towards that goal. If you are determined to make your hair grow and follow the regimens and remedies required, you will surely be successful.