Steps to Stimulating Hair Growth Bald and Losing Hair

09/17/2012 10:17

There are no instant remedies when it comes to hair growth. If you are suffering from a severe case of hair loss, do not expect to be able to grow your hair back in just a few days time. There are commercial cheap hair growth products that claim to have the ability to do this, but this is just impossible. The process of stimulating hair growth is a long and arduous one, so anyone who wants to treat his crowning glory should have a lot of patience. Hair growth has a direct link to your lifestyle. The food that you eat and the things that you do and don’t do affect the health of your hair. In order to have a clear understanding of the methods in stimulating hair growth, you must have an idea of how hair grows. Hair starts out from the root. This strand gradually develops a hair follicle which will be responsible for circulation of blood and nutrients around the hair. How long a single strand lasts is genetically predetermined. The key to growing healthy hair is to have an efficient circulation system of nutrients and blood to the hair follicles. The process of stimulating hair growth is quite simple. You don’t necessarily have to consult a dermatologist on ways to grow your hair. You can try these simple steps to stimulate circulation to your hair. Take note, they don’t even require a lot of your time. You just need to spare a few of your precious minutes in a day and you’re good to go. First step is to massage your scalp every night, or even every chance you get. By applying pressure to the scalp, you are allowing blood to flow efficiently to the hair strands. If you want those hair follicles to grow, start making this a daily habit. Use a comb with good quality bristles – preferably boar head bristles. Experts believe that brushing hair constantly with the right comb is an effective way to stimulate hair growth. Brushing activates the oil glands in the scalp, making hair moisturized. If there’s anything you want to avoid when trying to grow hair, it’s definitely dryness. Always keep your hair clean. You may be disregarding this part of your body, but did you know that hair accumulates most of the dirt and dust in your surroundings? Hair definitely becomes more brittle when you leave it unwashed, so be sure to shampoo daily. There may be pores that are clogged because of all the debris your hair is exposed to. Drink lots of water and adopt a diet that is rich in vitamin C, phosphorus, iron and sulfur. These essential vitamins and minerals are the key proponents to keeping your hair healthy and nourished, so be sure to stock up on foods that are packed with these nutrients. You ought to avoid practices that damage your hair when in the process of stimulating hair growth. If possible, do not use a blow dryer to dry your hair. Leave it to dry on its own. If you must, do not set the temperature too high as this can cause severe dryness to the hair. Do not tie your hair too tight. Applying too much pressure when tying the hair can cause the roots to break. Avoid getting a lot of salon treatments and applying chemical-based products. These procedures also have the same effect of drying out hair. Be sure to try these steps in stimulating hair growth in order to ensure the longevity of your precious crowning glory. The hair in our body serves more than just an aesthetic purpose. It also serves to protect the head from too much heat and from harmful contaminants. Taking care of your hair is tantamount to taking care of your overall health.