The Most Effective Natural Remedies for Hair Growth on Both Men and Women

09/17/2012 10:17

For both sexes, having a full head of hair is almost always preferred over a balding one. Self-confidence, it seems, cannot be achieved without having a healthy head of hair. This is why people of all ages suffering from severe cases of hair loss are willing to spend their hard-earned bucks just to have this condition treated. But most of the time, commercial hair products don’t really solve the problem. The chemical contents in these products can possibly worsen the condition. The best way to treat this problem is to use natural remedies for hair growth. These are the best natural hair growth products I've ever seen. Nature offers unlimited possibilities for treating all kinds of bodily conditions. In your case, you do not have to go beyond your own pantry because most of the products can be found there. Prior to applying these natural remedies for hair growth, make sure your hair is free of hair products and avoid subjecting your hair to styling few hours before the treatment. Lemon juice is one of the richest sources of vitamin C, which is essential for hair growth. It also contains essential minerals like phosphorus which strengthens hair and makes it less vulnerable to breakage. Take some freshly-squeezed lemon juice and massage thoroughly onto scalp. Leave this for about thirty minutes and rinse off after. Onion also tops the list of the most effective natural remedies for hair growth. Before shampooing, apply ample amount of onion extract onto scalp. Onion contains essential elements that help nourish hair follicles. More importantly, onion contains sulfur which is rightfully called as the “beauty mineral” because of its ability to promote healthy circulation and reduce inflammation all over the body. Onion is also good because it gives the hair a natural shine after application. The use of coconut milk to induce hair growth dates back to ancient times. Coconut is indeed a wonder fruit because of its numerous uses and health benefits. Coconut milk is rich in protein, potassium and other essential vitamins and minerals that can effectively stimulate hair growth. Apply a rich amount of this miracle brew on your hair and expect positive results within a few weeks time. If you have spare potatoes after cooking, use them to make a hair mask. Extract the juice of the potatoes and mix honey and egg yolk with it. Apply this mask onto damp hair and leave for about half an hour. This easy home remedy can give you the results you want within a month of continuous application. Eggs are regularly served for breakfast. If you have abundant supply at home, take time to separate the whites from the yolk. Egg yolk is loaded with vitamins A, C, E – all of which can effectively slow down the process of hair loss. Applying egg yolk before taking a bath helps moisturize hair. You have to remember that dryness is what makes hair susceptible to breakage. Got a bottle of apple cider just waiting to be used? It might surprise you to know that apple cider is a traditional remedy for hair loss. Cider contains essential minerals that stimulate circulation in the hair follicles. The method for this natural remedy is simple as it only requires the usual topical application on hair. Don’t have time to whip up these mixtures and apply them on your hair? Try going out on a sunny day. This will do your luscious locks some good. Research shows that there is a direct link between vitamin D deficiency and hair loss. Be sure to get your daily dose of the sun even for just a few minutes if you want your hair to be healthy. These natural remedies for hair growth are easy and effective ways to treat hair loss. If you want to take the safest route to cure this condition, try these suggested remedies. You might just find that one of these methods is the one that works best for you.