Tips on How to Stimulate Hair Growth on Both Men and Women

09/17/2012 10:20

As to date there has been no full proof method to make your hair grow faster. However, there are ways on how to stimulate hair growth as well as ways in which to prevent hair loss. By preventing your hair from falling, more hair will grow. There are several reasons why people suffer from hair loss. There are also several ways in which you can stimulate healthy hair growth such as keeping you hair and scalp in a healthy condition and using the best products for hair growth for women and men. One should also visit the hairdresser at least every six weeks to have their hair styled and cut. Styled hair should be well-kept in excellent condition so that it will always leave lasting impression. You will have hair that is much longer and split ends won’t show up making the hair look frizzy. The best brush to use is a brush made from boar bristles. When brushing your hair you should tilt your head forward and then brush the hair forward. This stimulates the blood circulation in the scalp. Hair should also be kept well moisturized by making use of shampoos and conditioners that add moisture to the hair. Another way on how to stimulate hair growth is to only wash your hair three to four times a week as washing your hair on a daily basis will wash the natural oils out. When you wash your hair you should massage your scalp as this stimulates the blood circulation and helps the hair to grow a lot faster. Always be gentle and kind to your hair. Hair falls out naturally and one loses around seventy to one hundred and fifty hairs a day. If you neglect your hair or use brushes that pull on the hair your will obviously lose more hair. If you have long hair it is not advisable to keep it tied up in tight ponytails. Make use of butterfly clips or wear your hair in loose braids. People that have curly or wavy hair may also experience resistance and knotting when brushing their hair. They way to eliminate this is to first run your fingers through your hair and then start brushing from the ends upwards. This will prevent the roots from being pulled. Before you have a shower you should brush your hair to eliminate tangles. Once you have washed your hair and apply conditioner, you should comb your hair. This will distribute the conditioner evenly and will also make it easier to comb after the conditioner is washed out. Another way how to stimulate hair growth is to apply a good conditioner such as avocado and eggs or hair mascara that will nourish the hair follicles for thirty minutes. Styling hair by means of using a blow dryer, a curling iron or a straightening iron regularly can cause damage as well as thinning. One also needs to maintain good nutrition in order to provide the body with building blocks to produce healthy hair. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables will allow you to keep your hair strong and healthy as these contain plenty of vitamins and minerals.